06/12/89 – Never Forget

God bless all who lost their lives. We will never forget.

On 06/12/89 thirteen students and one staff member were killed. Today on this national day of remembrance we remember, these 14, who’s lives ended; whom violence is a daily reality and those countless others who have died as a result.

G. Bergeron (1968–1989), CIVL
H. Colgan (1966–1989), MECH
N. Croteau (1966–1989), MECH
B. Daigneault (1967–1989), MECH
A. Edward (1968–1989), CHEM
M. Haviernick (1960–1989), MTRL
M. Laganière (1964–1989), FIN
M. Leclair (1966–1989), MTRL
A. Lemay (1967–1989), MECH
S. Pelletier (1961–1989) MECH
M. Richard (1968–1989) MTRL
A. St-Arneault (1966–1989) MECH
A. Turcotte (1969–1989) MTRL
B. Klucznik-Widajewicz (1958–1989) NURS