In Bend Over Boyfriend, you’ll learn how to:
Build your confidence to ask for anal sex with your partner
Find the best anal sex positions and techniques
Choose the right strapons and dildos for anal penetration
Select the best lubes and lubrication for anal sex
Strapon the perfect dildo for his pleasure
Relax and fully enjoy anal penetration
Fuck him so anal sex doesn’t hurt
Make an evening of anal sex a romantic experience
And men, you’ll see just how good it feels to have your prostate stimulated. Prostate stimulation, you’ll agree, leads to explosive orgasms!
Carol and Robert explore role-playing and fantasy, and two other couples demonstrate just how much fun anal sex can be.
Laced with humor and common sense, Bend Over Boyfriend is perfect for any couple wanting to explore new sexual territory and discover the secrets of anal sex that lead to ecstasy.

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