A number of the MVK board members, along with other members of our community, attended the Community Accountability Practices workshop with Marty Dinn last weekend. On Saturday, the MVK board is meeting with the Consent Academy (out of Seattle) and starting the process of looking at our policies and how we can help the community develop processes to address consent violations and similar complaints going forward.
The next step will be to take all the information we have gathered and head into the next Town Hall, which will be geared at community involvement of creating these processes.
As a starting point, I really recommend this excerpted article provided as part of the handout this weekend, entitled “Ten Pitfalls of Community Accountability Processes”. It is rooted in the anarchist community but it has relevant parallels to our community and is really good food for thought. We have come up against almost all of these pitfalls.
Additionally, we were provided with a comprehensive reading/citation list which I have also attached here in the event that you would like further readings on the subject.
Practices and Pitfalls
Reading List

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