By Claudia Varrin
As a sexual adventurer, you have already taken the first steps into the magical world of romantic, consensual BDSM. You’ve started exploring the boundaries of your innermost fantasies in the arena of dominance and submission. You are on top in this breathless exchange of power–the one who takes whip in hand to orchestrate the most delightfully wicked ways of the domina.
Now, in Female Dominance, former professional dominatrix and glamorous fetish diva Claudia Varrin helps you and your ever-willing slave take it to the next level. This lavish, fully illustrated book guides you through the deeper waters of safe and consensual dominance and submission play, from bondage techniques to having a well-trained slave, from fabulous fetishes to role-play, alternative disciplines and “Edge Play.” As the Mistress, you will learn to recognize how far your slave is willing to go to fulfill his darkest desires–and how far you will go to give them to him.
Filled with real-life tales and anecdotes, plus sample sessions to get you started, a glossary, and recommended reading list, Female Dominance contains everything you need to establish new bonds of trust between you and your slave–and to further overcome inhibitions to reach the peaks of ecstasy. Explorations of the philosophy and emotions behind dominance and submission allow you to see the big picture of this positive way to safe, wild, and wicked fun.