A Companion Guide to The Husband Swap
By Louisa Leontiades with Eve Rickert
Opening your relationship can burn more painfully than anything you’d ever expect. Love and limitless possibilities might sound great on paper, but what happens when your dream castles are consumed by fire? Do you go back to monogamy, or can you rise again out of the ashes? Louisa Leontiades shares the lessons she took away from her first experience in an open relationship, a polyamorous quad whose history she chronicles in her memoir, The Husband Swap.
Lessons in Love and Life to My Younger Self is the companion guide to the memoir. If you could travel back in time to give yourself advice, what would you say? What does opening your relationship teach you about the nature of life, love and yourself? Could they have avoided the heartache? Did the experience bring limitless love and possibilities, or was it all just one huge mistake?

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