By Kate Taylor
Life’s too Short for Tantric Sex: 50 Shortcuts to Sexual Ecstasy
Everyone’s heard tales of sexual performers who can enjoy marathons of six or more hours without fading, yawning, or getting a cramp. But unless you’re a Hollywood star, who has the time? In Life’s Too Short for Tantric Sex, author Kate Taylor offers couples a range of techniques to help them have fun and fulfilling sex that doesn’t take all day (or all night). Divided into nine thematic sections, Life’s Too Short for Tantric Sex takes readers from foreplay using handcraft and mouthwork to the main event, and even includes a section on activities readers may not have thought of—or heard of—before.
Short, lighthearted, and to-the-point, Life’s Too Short for Tantric Sex is perfect for couples longing to discover the pleasures of tantric sex without spending hours on meditation, candle staring, and slow massage. Over 120 artful, instructive drawings and vividly descriptive text tells readers exactly what to do and how to do it, and themed chapters provide quick direction to an appropriate activity for any romantic occasion.