On New Year’s Eve, a 38-year-old woman picks up a much younger man for what she tells herself will be a one-night stand. Ten months later she is accused of a crime so hideous that the tabloids have dubbed her the “Boston Fury”. From the author of “Life-Size” comes a compelling portrayal of sexual obsession taken to its most violent and violating conclusion National publicity.
About the author:
When you see novelist Jenefer Shute at a reading, poised by the podium, you’re surprised that this petite, well-dressed brunette, an image of control, is the author of novels about women’s obsession–moments when women act on passion.
….. On every stop of her recent book tour, people would approach and ask what a nice literary author like herself was doing writing about sex and violence. Perhaps what worried them was that a woman was writing about these themes, and from a woman’s perspective.