By Ray Gordon
‘Removing the chain from the dog collar, she forced her victim’s body over the table, securing her in the degrading position by fixing the rope to the collar and running it across the table. Binding the end to one of the legs, she moved behind Jade, kneeling behind her rounded buttocks and released her ankles, chuckling wickedly as she parted the girl’s feet…’
By day Jade is an unimposing secretary. By night she runs amok as a gorgeous cat-burglar, raiding the country mansions of the rich and famous. And everything is fine until she is caught red-handed by a wealthy businessman.
She quickly realizes she is not cut out for a life behind bars so, after peeling off her skin-tight black catsuit, she persuades him to let her go. But that is only the beginning of her nocturnal sex romps. Jade’s journey is dangerous, sexual in the extreme, and finally…