By: Laura Antoniou

The Academy continues the brilliant sage of resolute slaves and exacting owners begin in The Marketplace. The Slave, and The Trainer. A dynamic culture of honor and duty embracing absolute servitude is the basis for the clandestine society created in the highly acclaimed Marketplace books. Ms. Antoniou describes a world inhabited by believable characters devoted to obedience and service, striving to live their ideals. Sensuality, intelligence, and passion meld into exquisite eroticism and scenes of blazing sexuality.This complete full-length novel is a rich tapestry of sexuality and emotion, augmented by the inclusion of short stories by guest authors culminating in a unique literary form. Writers Karen Taylor, Cecilia Tan, Michael Hernandez, david stein and Christian Muncy plunge into the world of the Marketplace and emerge with tales exploring the depths of lust, commitment, and power.

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