By Laura Antonio
The long-awaited sixth installment of Laura Antoniou’s Marketplace series!
When last we saw Chris Parker, he had been bought by master trainer Tetsuo Sakai and was blissfully ensconced in Japan under Tetsuo’s wonderfully sadistic boot. And here we join Robin Cassidy, now contentedly serving a slave contract for a rich Chicago businessman.
But the Marketplace is shaken when a new Trainer of Trainers must be anointed, and the resulting machinations and clashing loyalties threaten to tear their world apart. Everyone has a stake in the outcome, and Chris Parker is about to find out who is with him and who is against him.
Richly told, interconnecting threads of Parker’s previously unseen past with his complicated present, The Inheritor also weaves in the narratives of many favorite Marketplace characters, including Robin, Ken Mandarin, and Ron Avidon and features appearances by many more, including Jiro, Rachel, Michael, and Grendel.

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