By Evie Vane

The first and only book on getting tied up (rope bottoming) ever published! Curious about being tied up? Already experienced at rope play? No matter what your level, you’ll learn tips to help you avoid injuries, have more fun and be empowered even as you surrender in your rope scenes. Topics include how to find and evaluate a rope partner, types of rope scenes to consider, and the 7 Helpful Skills of Rope Bottoming, including Mindfulness, Trusting Your Instinct, and Communicating. There’s also a whole chapter devoted just to suspensions, with tips for before, during, and after the scene, as well as a detailed explanation of how to evaluate a suspension hardpoint for safety. Sprinkled throughout are photos plus true stories of scenes that went wrong and scenes that went right. You’ll also find a list of valuable rope bottoming resources. If you’re interested in rope bondage of any kind, whether in the bedroom, at a BDSM club or dungeon, or even in front of an audience, this guide is a must-read.

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