By Diana Cage
Admit it: the sexual allure of a threeway is your ultimate fantasy. Now, in this randy, handy, how-to guide, learn how to get caught in the center-or the side, or top, or whichever position you prefer-of the action.
No matter the combination you savor-two men, two women, or something in between-Diana Cage dispenses advice to guarantee a hot time was had by all.
Get the inside scoop on:
Cruising as a couple or alone
How to avoid potential threeway pitfalls
Sex tricks for beginner and advanced players
Things three people can do in bed
Sex party etiquette
Here are the dos and don’ts, ins and outs, and pros and cons to satisfying your curiosity and satiating your lover(s). So stop sitting on the sidelines, jump into the center, and start having the time of your life!