The MVK Website Crew (AKA The Barkada™) is made up of many people, all who know kung-fu and networking. Without these core hired goons™, the MVK website would not be maintained. It is due to their hard work and innate ability to survive on caffeine that allows members to enjoy MVK parties and events in a state of bliss.


TNS TNS is a guy that does stuff. He’s wrestled crocodiles, boxed kangaroos, he’s even played mahjong with a wombat on acid. He’s also got a tiny bit of redneck in him. We’re not sure what he does for the website actually, but we do know he can survive on a diet consisting of nothing but caffeine and gasoline. We’re also pretty sure that all he does is copy and paste things from Stackoverflow. He’s a good kid and a devil behind the wheel what the hell else do you need to know?

Superpowers: Limitless charm, able to identify make of firearm from 50 paces, can spot bullshit at 1000 yds, zero tolerance for asshattery, affinity for herding feral cats.

Involved Since: Sometime ago.

Enjoys: Braai, Speculaas, Stroopwafels, Whisky, Bourbon, and Boba (#Bobalife 💯💯💯👌👌). Also that stuff, you know.

– Trying stuff until it works. Solutions that might fix the problem without breaking anything.

The Strict Librarian

The Strict Librarian Our so-kinky librarian has carefully hand-picked a number of titles for your naughty pleasure… So enjoy! If you like a title, email us and she will be happy to have that book ready for you at our next Dungeon Party. Just walk up to the desk and talk to her… we don’t bite (well, she does, but you have to ask nicely).

Just don’t get caught with any overdue books – our Kinky Librarian runs her library with a strict hand and quick strikes of her long hard ruler…

Superpowers: The ability to control an entire room with a single shush, content wrangling, blessed with exquisite dignity, class and posture, can sense trouble through 8 feet of concrete.

Involved Since: Day One

Enjoys: The Library of Congress Classification, Metadata, Book carts, the sexy librarian look.

– The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.