… and should I be scared? … NO!

A dungeon party, or play party, is a social event at which people participate in BDSM activities and/or socialize. MVK provides some large pieces of equipment that people can be tied to and attendees bring their own floggers, canes, restraints etc. (MVK does have loaner toys if you are new and still want to get your kink on.) There is an area for relaxing and socializing, an area for changing into more appropriate attire (such as fetishwear) and an area for play.

Simply put, MVK has something for everyone!

It is not mandatory to play at a party, instead you can merely take the role of a voyeur. It is not acceptable, however, to touch anyone or their toys without permission or to interrupt a scene in any way.

A play party is good place for safer first date scenes!

Anyone can attend an MVK dungeon party. You do not have to be members of the society or friends of the organizers. There is no secret guest list, and as long as you have an open and respectful attitude and the $25 entrance fee, you are in! (Membership gets you a $5 discount at the door, though!)

There is no dress code, although many people dress in fetish wear as this is also a great opportunity to see and be seen.

Don’t be shy to talk to people! If you are interested in a Dom’s toys, a scene you just witnessed, or just want to say to hi, do it! Although we may look intimidating in our leathers or total lack of clothing, we are an open and friendly community and are always ready to welcome new people. Just wait for a break in the conversation, and just walk up and introduce yourself.

So come on down, no need to be scared! We won’t bite… unless you ask nicely.