By Michael Daniels
Michael Daniels has written a book that is very practical in content and is careful to make the very important distinction between the world of fantasy and the world of reality, which can be a major pitfall for so many persons attracted by the allure of the notion of living as a human dog or human dog owner.
By dealing with the subject manner in a very realistic, matter-of-fact manner, the author presents very useful material that any person interested in this particular lifestyle would do well to read the book if for no other reason than to get a good understanding of what can be realistically expected from the lifestyle and what is storybook fiction. Mr. Daniels handles that aspect of his subject matter in a most professional manner. The author states at the outset that he is a gay Master and can only write from that perspective. He expresses no disrespect to anyone in his opening statements, and in the text of his book, he makes references to pansexual lifestylers as well.
The cartoons that appear throughout the book, however, are characteristic of gay literature, as are the advertisements and additions in the book. At times the language in the book does seem to cater specifically to gays and to exclude the non-gay population. While this feature of the book may disturb some readers, it is highly advisable that readers who find such signs of gender orientation troubling keep an open mind when reading the book, because the content is well worth reading for anyone who is involved in the lifestyle, if for the relevancy alone, because a more pragmatic manual would be hard to find.